“A tiny country that has an outstanding ecosystem and disruptive technologies”.
Miryam Lazarte, Latam Startups.

“My first trip to Uruguay was an eye-opener for me. I didn´t know this small country had so much to offer, from the entrepreneurial spirit to the magnificent coasts. It is clear that Uruguay is ready to get on the world stage”.
Tina Seeling, Stanford Technology Venture Program

 “We found highly proficient human resources, well prepared and even bilingual. In Uruguay, there is a very good work culture that truly appreciates the possibilities for development. I returned to Uruguay because it is a comfortable place to live in, to raise a family, pretty safe, which allows you to raise your children in a dedicated way with a good life quality…with significant advantages such as having the beach half an hour away.”
Karen Bruck, Country Manager Mercado Libre

“Uruguayans create a lot of jobs and stand out for their creative thinking, which results in a very good combination. I have a clear conscience that I am living in Uruguay by choice, because I have the chance of leaving and playing in the big leagues in Silicon Valley in software but I love Uruguay, I want my children to grow up in Uruguay, and it is possible to work here for a job abroad. My idea is to stay in Uruguay, get on planes, but enjoy the benefits of living in Uruguay.”
Diego Terra, Netsuite

“There are 2 main elements for deciding to settle in Uruguay. The first one is the State and the economy; it must be stable in political and social terms. It must be easy to do business, with freedom, without bureaucracy, without corruption. Security in everyday life, low criminality. We transport data, we need appropriate equipment and technology and that needs to work with high quality. Government, State, Technical, and the most important element that is its people. There are very good universities here which produce a significant number of well-prepared individuals”.
Berthold Ebner, BASF

“Life here is great, why is it that good? In the first place because of its people. There are kind, open people here, there is a well-located city, with the river, with the beaches, with magnificent meat, low traffic although Uruguayans do not feel it that way…but in comparison to other countries the traffic is smooth, very simple…what else do I need to be happy?”
Berthold Ebner, BASF