The biodiversity of the flora and fauna in some of those areas has gained recognition from prestigious institutions such as RAMSAR and UNESCO for the country.

Some of the most remarkable sites are the ravine Quebrada de los Cuervos, the valley Valle del Lunarejo, the coastal lakes in Rocha, and the estuary Esteros de Farrapos in Río Uruguay.

Whale sightings along the whole Atlantic coast or bird sightings in protected areas such as Laguna Garzón, Rocha, or in the mountains, as well as observing the largest seal colony in the world just a few meters away, are a privilege for the lovers of wildlife and nature in its purest form.

Visit this natural country and savor this privilege. Explore its lagoons, rivers, mountains, native hills, and landscapes protected by a sustainable country, that loves and protects the natural riches for the people to relish them. Enjoy and care for nature.